Mounted points

Mounted points, grinding discs and more

PFERD offers a very extensive range of ceramic-bonded and resinoid-bonded mounted points. Designed to meet individual grinding tool application needs, these products come in a broad range of grit types, grit sizes, hardness grades and shapes. The mounted points are manufactured on modern production lines to high standards of dimensional accuracy and stability, consistent quality and close tolerances.

TOUGH mounted points

The TOUGH type is specifically designed for use on titanium materials, nickel-based and cobalt-based alloys, hardened steel components and built-up weld deposits.

Bench grinding wheels

PFERD bench grinding wheels have been adapted to the standard bench grinders on the market.

PFERD offers mounted points for general use, surface grinding and edge grinding

General use

For general use on surfaces and edges, the emphasis is on the balance between abrasive performance and tool life.

Surface grinding

In surface grinding, the mounted points are subject to lower loads. The mounted point bond is therefore comparatively soft and has been designed to give high stock removal rates.

Edge grinding

In edge grinding, the mounted points must be dimensionally stable. The mounted point bond is therefore comparatively hard and designed for a long tool life.

PFERD product finder

In addition to mounted points, our catalogue 3 contains a selection of grinding discs and grinding and polishing stones.

To select the correct tool, the material, main fields of application and specific operating requirements have to be taken into consideration.

Our PFERD product finder locates exactly what you’re looking for.



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