Ultrafast cutting

Press release - 09.11.2020

Ultrafast cutting

Unrivalled cutting speeds at significantly lower costs: NITOCUT is the world’s first manual cutting system for a peripheral speed of 100 m/s.

NITOCUT – New innovative technology of cutting – is the world’s first manual cutting system for a peripheral speed of 100 m/s. Manual cut-off wheels are usually used at a cutting speed of 80 m/s. This restriction is due to the design of classic cut-off wheels. Commercial angle grinders are limited accordingly. The NITOCUT cut-off wheel has two additional fibreglass reinforcements in the flange area so that it can also be used at higher rotational speeds. 100 m/s represents an increase in cutting speed of 25 % when compared with the familiar 80 m/s technology. This higher cutting speed has an immediate impact on the cutting performance. The time per cut is significantly reduced. Compared to commercially available cut-off wheels measuring 125 x 1.0 mm, it can achieve up to four times more cuts* as well as a greater insertion depth (+ 40 %). The unique cutting system meets the highest quality and safety standards.


  • Ultimate cutting performance and tool life due to significantly increased cutting speed.
  • Great insertion depth.
  • Unique, convenient cutting experience.
  • Maximum cut-off wheel safety thanks to innovative fibreglass reinforcement.

* Depending on use


PFERDERGONOMICS recommends the NITOCUT cutting system in order to sustainably reduce the vibration, noise and dust development that occurs during use and to improve comfort when working.

PFERDEFFICIENCY recommends the NITOCUT cutting system for working over long periods with low levels of fatigue, saving resources and quickly achieving perfect results.

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