Cool, quick, COMBICLICK – now available in taster packs

Press release - 01.03.2022

Cool, quick, COMBICLICK – now available in taster packs

More and more, today’s consumers want smaller packaging units and functional sets containing components that are designed to work in harmony with one another. Now, PFERD is getting on board with this trend by scaling down the packaging unit for its popular COMBICLICK system.

“It’s like all the good things about PFERD’s COMBICLICK system in an amusebouche form”, says Tim Sauermann, Key Account Manager at PFERD Tools. Tongue-in-cheek though his comment might be, Sauermann is totally serious about what the company is offering: “Until now, we only provided our solutions for work on surfaces and for cutting in industry-standard packaging units. However, we’ve recognised that end users like craftspeople and DIY enthusiasts are increasingly looking for something smaller.”

As Sauermann explains, PFERD sets have been traditionally designed to include multiple tool options, rather than a certain number of the same tool, and reflect a wider range of applications within a single packaging unit. “From the very beginning, the COMBICLICK options have always included the CC-Set, which has tools to cover everything from rough machining to mirror polishing”, says Sauermann, who also confirms that this set will continue to be available. “We’ve now added three new sets called Universal, Premium and Finish and Polish”, he explains.

The Universal set contains aluminium oxide fibre discs with grit sizes of 36, 60, 80 and 120, and is made for universal applications involving a whole range of different materials. With ceramic oxide grain tools from the CO-COOL series in grit sizes 36, 60, 80 and 120, the Premium set provides solutions for working on stainless steel (INOX), hard non-ferrous metals and high-temperature-resistant material with poor heat-conducting properties. Meanwhile, the tools are in the Finish and Polish set are designed for finishing work and include COMBICLICK non-woven and felt discs. Every set also comes with a COMBICLICK backing pad plus M14 spindle for use on conventional, speed-adjustable angle grinders. Sauermann adds that the three sets are currently available with a 125 mm diameter.

“We have grouped the sets into themes based on the most common applications for these tools and have designed them as taster packs. Customers can then make additional purchases of all the components separately, choosing from either the conventional industrial packaging or smaller packaging units that are suited to smaller-scale requirements and levels of consumption. These units contain between two and ten items, depending on the component. This is our response to the increasing demand for smaller packaging units from end users who are looking for solutions online.”


The patented quick-mounting and cooling system is suitable for use with fibre, non-woven and felt discs. It consists of a specially developed backing pad and a rugged mounting system at the back of the tool, providing effective protection against scratches and contact corrosion from protruding clamping elements. The backing pad enables COMBICLICK tools to be used on angle grinders.

The unique geometry of the cooling slots ensures high air throughput, which in turn considerably reduces the thermal load on the abrasive material and the workpiece.

Compared with conventional tools, the quick-mounting system, robust holder, secure tool-locking feature and integrated cooling system together achieve a workpiece temperature that is up to 30% lower, a 25% higher stock removal rate, a 30% longer tool life and better utilisation of the abrasive material.

As a whole unit, the tools are easy and convenient to handle and much faster to change, reducing process costs.

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