Obligation for suppliers to provide information

REACH obligates all manufacturers to inform their customers as to whether their products contain a chemical identified in the candidate list in a concentration of more than 0.1 per cent. In order to comply with our obligations to provide information in accordance with Article 33 (REACH), we require the following information from you:

Does one of the preparations/products you have supplied to us contain one of the substances included in the candidate list according to Article 59 (1) of regulation 1907/2006/EC in a concentration of more than 0.1 % by weight?

If so, please provide us with confirmation of this fact using the following wording:

[Name of preparation/product] or the packaging contains the following substances from the candidate list (valid as of: DD.MM.YYYY) in accordance with Article 59 (1) of regulation 1907/2006/EC (“REACH”) in concentrations of xx % by weight: Substance A (CAS no. …), substance B (CAS no. …),….

As the list of candidate substances is continuously being updated, we request you to check the current status for every order / delivery. This also applies to deliveries which have already been made within a period of 12 months.

If we do not receive any information from you, we shall assume that none of the substances from the currently valid candidate list are present.

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