CC-GRIND ROBUST grinding disc 125x22.23 mm Special Line SGP STEELOX for steel/stainless steel

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Dia. external
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Technical information
CC-GRIND ROBUST grinding disc 125x22.23 mm Special Line SGP STEELOX for steel/stainless steel

Dia. external
125 mm
Dia. hole
22.23 mm
Max. RPM
12200 RPM
Mounting system
Centre hole
Packaging unit
10 pieces

Special Line SGP tools are specially developed for specific tasks and offer the user key advantages over conventional products. Furthermore, the Special Line SGP includes tools that offer ultimate economic efficiency thanks to their particularly high performance during use.

With the CC-GRIND ROBUST, PFERD offers a modern, high-performance and ergonomic alternative to grinding wheels, flap discs and fibre discs.

PFERD’s CC-GRIND ROBUST is patented in many countries across the globe.

Grinding disc with precision-moulded, triangular high-performance abrasive VICTOGRAIN for steel and stainless steel (INOX) with maximum grinding performance and outstanding tool life.

VICTOGRAIN products are some of the most effective grinding tools in the world. The triangular, precision-formed abrasive grain from PFERD helps provide a uniquely high level of abrasive performance. The VICTOGRAIN abrasive grit triangles are identical in shape and size and their cutting edges are applied to the workpiece at the optimum angle, meaning the grit needs very little energy to penetrate the workpiece. The user thus benefits from an efficient machining process with fast work progress, a long tool life, a reduced influx of heat into the workpiece and a lower power output required for the tool drive. The VICTOGRAIN abrasive grain triangles are fixed to the substrate on one of their sides. This means they are securely fixed in place and, together with their slim design, offer an extremely large chip space in order to further improve machining efficiency.The structure of the triangular VICTOGRAIN has also been specially adapted to maximize results. The very small crystals inside the triangles ensure optimal wear characteristics as sharp cutting edges are always exposed, but only the minimum amount of abrasive grain/the triangle breaks off.By combining all these properties together, users benefit from optimal, constant performance during cool grinding and an extremely long tool life together with consistent workpiece surface roughness.

  • The ultimate in aggressive performance for the fastest work progress.
  • Glass-fibre-reinforced plastic backing pad guarantees a robust, reliable application.
  • Significantly more ergonomic than a grinding wheel: Noise, vibrations and dust are significantly reduced. A considerably superior surface quality is also produced.
  • In contrast to flap discs, they can achieve flat surfaces thanks to their dimensional stability.
  • In contrast to fibre discs, CC-GRIND ROBUST does not deform, even under extreme climatic conditions, and is considerably more robust in heavy-duty use.
  • Thanks to the adapted geometry, the use of a special clamping flange set is not necessary.
  • Trimming the tool can be carried out without any problems.
  • Although the VICTOGRAIN tools only have one layer of abrasive grain, they offer an outstanding tool life – longer than grinding wheels and many flap discs.
Recommendations for use
  • Trim the CC-GRIND ROBUST on sharp metal edges, files or with cutting inserts.
  • Trimming should only be carried out from a contact angle of 45°.
  • Apply the tool carefully and increase the pressure until a chip is formed. Maintain the pressure until the workpiece has been processed to the required dimensions.
  • For optimum results, use with a flat contact angle.
  • Only use the face of the disc, not suitable for peripheral grinding.
  • Choose the CC-GRIND ROBUST SGP STEELOX if you want results as fast as possible.
Materials that can be worked
Case-hardened steels
Stainless steel (INOX)
Step-by-step fine grinding
Surface grinding
Surface work
Working on edges
Working on edges (chamfering, rounding)
Work on weld seams
Drive types
Angle grinder
Drive spindle


recommends CC-GRIND ROBUST with VICTOGRAIN abrasive grain for working for long periods with low levels of fatigue, whilst saving resources and achieving perfect results as quickly as possible.


recommends CC-GRIND ROBUST with VICTOGRAIN abrasive grain to sustainably reduce the vibration, noise and dust produced during use and to perceptibly improve comfort when working.


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