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CHAIN SHARP MULTITOOL CS-MT chain saw sharpener dia. 5.16 mm for chain pitch 3/8"

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Chain pitch
PFERD type
Technical information
CHAIN SHARP MULTITOOL CS-MT chain saw sharpener dia. 5.16 mm for chain pitch 3/8"

Chain pitch
Depth gauge distance
0.65 mm
PFERD type
Suitable for diameter [mm]
5,16 mm
Packaging unit
1 piece

The PFERD product range includes sharpeners for both manual and mechanical sharpening of saw chains. Sharpeners from PFERD stand out due to their long tool life and ease of use.

Chain saw sharpeners from PFERD are exceptionally well-suited to the manual sharpening of saw chains. Manual sharpening is more economical and much more gentle than machine-based sharpening, and prolongs the operating life of the saw chain if resharpened at an early stage.

The compact CHAIN SHARP CS-MT sharpening solution combines a chain saw file and a depth gauge file in one ergonomic tool. The defined elevation of the chain saw file makes sharpening the saw teeth easier and prevents the connecting links of the saw chain from being damaged. The side-mounted depth gauge file allows you to individually set the depth gauge. The gauge provided gives depth spacings of 0.65 mm (.025") for harder wood or 0.75 mm (.030") for softer wood.

  • Flexible use on-site due to compact device design.
  • Easy to use and defined sharpening angle.
  • Long tool life thanks to interchangeable files.
  • Compact sharpener.
  • Depth gauge can be individually adjusted.
  • Suitable for all commercially available chain saw files.
  • Long tool life and optimum sharpening results with PFERD files.
  • Precise and uniform sharpening result, even for semi-professional users.
Ordering notes
  • PFERD offers this chain saw sharpener in various designs adapted to different chain pitches.
  • The chain saw sharpener comprises a sharpener, a Classic Line chain saw file, a depth gauge file and an ergonomic file handle. It is supplied with detailed operating instructions in a belt pouch which protects against damage and dirt.
Materials that can be worked
Steels up to 1,200 N/mm² (< 38 HRC)
Drive types
Manual application


recommends the CHAIN SHARP CS-MT chain saw sharpener to achieve perfect results as quickly as possible.


recommends the CHAIN SHARP CS-MT chain saw sharpener for comfortable saw chain sharpening requiring little effort.


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