Car body files

Precise work on surfaces with PFERD car body files.

Car body files from PFERD aren’t just used for work on car bodies. They are ideal for any surface work on sheet metal, non-ferrous metals and plastics requiring a particularly smooth and scratch-free finish.

The surfaces can be painted immediately after filing. No subsequent polishing is necessary, as there are no scratches.


  • Aluminium
  • Steels up to 1,200 N/mm²

Ideal tooth shape

The teeth are milled from solid material, as distinct from the usual cutting process. The 10x enlargement shows clearly that each individual tooth is designed to ensure that the chip rolls up in front of the rounded tooth face and can be contained in the large flute.


  • Special finishing treatment for razor-sharp tooth edges.
  • Outstanding stock removal rate.

Convex shape prevents scratches.

The convex shape means that the cutting area is not flat, but higher in the middle than around the file edges. The height difference is about 0.4 mm.

This special cross-section shape prevents the edges of the file from coming into contact with the workpiece during processing, thus preventing scratches.

The PFERD product range includes:

Car body file blades

Car body file blades can be tensioned in a car body file holder to adapt them to match the workpiece contour.


  • Bending radius is continuously adjustable using a tensioning mechanism
  • Convex shape of the file prevents unwanted scratches
  • Can be used in a focused manner
  • Razor-sharp tooth edges


  • Surface work
  • Levelling

Tanged car body files

File curved in longitudinal and transverse direction (convex), tanged and cut on one side.


  • Convex shape of the file prevents unwanted scratches
  • Can be used in a focused manner

Adjustable holders for car body files

This ergonomic and particularly lightweight holder permits individual tensioning of car body file blades to match the surface contour of the workpiece.


  • Continuously adjustable tensioning mechanism.
  • Lightweight plastic design without plasticizer.
  • Can be used in a focused manner and over a wide area.
  • Vibration-damping rubber pads for greater comfort when working.

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