Poliflex rollers

Poliflex roller dia. 100x100 mm centre hole dia. 19 mm PU-STRUC SIC16 for structuring with drum grinder

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Technical information
Poliflex roller dia. 100x100 mm centre hole dia. 19 mm PU-STRUC SIC16 for structuring with drum grinder

Silicon carbide SiC/C
Dia. external
100 mm
Dia. hole
19 mm
Max. RPM
2800 RPM
RPM, optimum, from
1000 RPM
RPM, optimum, to
1900 RPM
100 mm
Packaging unit
1 piece

Poliflex fine grinding tools are manufactured with high shape accuracy, outstandingly consistent quality and tight dimensional tolerances. They are ideally suited to fine grinding, structuring and preparations for polishing work, and are very frequently used for tool and mould-making applications.

For structuring large surfaces.

Poliflex structuring tools with the PU-STRUC bond are manufactured with grey silicon carbide. They are ideally suited to work on components made from stainless steel (INOX). The PU-STRUC bond is homogeneously interspersed with a high proportion of abrasive grain.

  • Produces very good surface quality.
  • High economic efficiency thanks to long tool life and high stock removal rate.
  • Maximum working convenience through precise concentricity.
  • Highly flexible, enabling optimal adjustment to the contour.
  • Cool and gentle grinding thanks to open structure and elastic bond.
  • Quick and effective retouching of imperfections and transitions to directional textures.
Recommendations for use
  • Depending on the intended use, profile using a dressing diamond or ceramic dressing stone at a low rotational speed.
  • For the best results, use at a recommended cutting speed of 5-10 m/s.
Ordering notes
  • The 19 mm hole diameter with 4 keyways fits all conventional drum grinders.
Safety notes
  • For safety reasons, the maximum permitted rotational speed indicated must never be exceeded.
Materials that can be worked
Stainless steel (INOX)
Titanium alloys
Step-by-step fine grinding
Structuring (matt finishing, brush matting and satin finishing)
Drive types
Drum grinders

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